Awakening of the Wolves


When I first decided to launch Lessons of Charity, I thought I was ready to share what I had gone through in the last couple of years. I wanted to share what I experienced and what I learned as a way to guide humanity towards something better.

I started making my editorial list of topics that I wanted to take on. I spent hours researching and reading to make sure whatever I wrote would have facts to back it up. I got out a couple of blogs and then… stopped.

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Human Design: Your Energetic Blueprint


Everything in this universe is made from some form of energy. Despite being able to physically see energy, we know it exists because we can physically see the effects of something being moved by energy or by picking up on a vibration or sound that energy can give off. We know humans possess energy because our bodies need it to make us move, eat, work, and even sleep right down to the molecular level.

But that isn't the kind of energy I am referring to. I am referring to the energy that has been widely regarded as magic, our soul, the sub- or unconsciousness, spirituality, connection to the universe, or "light" energy. Some can easily say there is a difference between each of those things, but they all work in coordination with each other on the same "circuit" of the energetic channel. Before the study of modern medicine and science, humans seemed to be more in tune with the energy within themselves. They would live in sync with the energy of the Earth and cosmos. Eastern traditions refer to this energy as a universal life force naming it Chi in China, Prana in India, Ki in Japan, and Ka by the Egyptians. It was widely respected and honored for all life until medieval civilization shifted into a religious order that sought to wipe out the traditional practices of energy healing, shamanism, and the connection to the unknown hence labeling it as supernatural, witchcraft, savagery, ungodly, and evil.

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Facts About the Vacs


I am not here to tell you to get the vaccine or not. Do I think you should? Yes. But what I think doesn't matter. What does matter is the facts and basing your decision on the right information. There are plenty of vaccines we don't have to get, but when it comes to viruses that could cause a worldwide pandemic… everyone who can should jump on that...

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Empathy 101

empathy-101-loc It is believed that empathy came into existence after our lineage split off from that of the apes. (Hugging Siamangs at Oakland Zoo, CA | Y S on Unsplash)

em•pa•thy (noun): the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. In the last few decades, the word empathy has been a major focus in psychology and neuroscience. In the last few years, the word has trickled into media and marketing with growing concern of a world facing an empathetic deficit. It's a word whose current definition is le...

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