Human Design: Your Energetic Blueprint


Everything in this universe is made from some form of energy. Despite being able to physically see energy, we know it exists because we can physically see the effects of something being moved by energy or by picking up on a vibration or sound that energy can give off. We know humans possess energy because our bodies need it to make us move, eat, work, and even sleep right down to the molecular level.

But that isn't the kind of energy I am referring to. I am referring to the energy that has been widely regarded as magic, our soul, the sub- or unconsciousness, spirituality, connection to the universe, or "light" energy. Some can easily say there is a difference between each of those things, but they all work in coordination with each other on the same "circuit" of the energetic channel. Before the study of modern medicine and science, humans seemed to be more in tune with the energy within themselves. They would live in sync with the energy of the Earth and cosmos. Eastern traditions refer to this energy as a universal life force naming it Chi in China, Prana in India, Ki in Japan, and Ka by the Egyptians. It was widely respected and honored for all life until medieval civilization shifted into a religious order that sought to wipe out the traditional practices of energy healing, shamanism, and the connection to the unknown hence labeling it as supernatural, witchcraft, savagery, ungodly, and evil.

As time has gone on, the rise of quantum physics and the shift of a new generation taking over the population, spiritual awareness and the concept of light energy is spilling into the mainstream. How our energy impacts another, how it affects our overall health, how it can be used as a source of intuition, and how it connects us to the universe and a higher source is now being used in scientific studies, major hospitals, and as academic disciplines.

Now don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of skeptics out there that claim the studies aren't scientific because they don't fall into their realm of what they think science is. There are also a lot of spiritual "teachers" and "influencers" that push their beliefs in, what I feel is, an unhealthy way. Furthermore, some think they are above the rules of certain healing techniques, such as Reiki, and practice on others without proper training. This is similar to any field that grows in a professional capacity. There is plenty of skepticism concerning teachers and leaders in medicine, science, law, media, and even in the fashion and beauty industries.

Lately, my studies have been expanding into "light" energy, specifically in healing and connection. I've also been broadening my research in science. I personally believe there is a strong correlation between the two that hasn't been fully explored yet. It was actually my expansion into spirituality that drove me to pursue science. I am, what some would call, empathic. I have always been sensitive to energy since I was a baby; picking up on other people's emotions and thoughts without ever fully understanding how.

Then I discovered Human Design, and my life changed. I now possess an entirely new appreciation towards how I look at life, my personal interpretation of people, and most importantly, how I understand myself. It has provided insight to the questions that I couldn't find answers to in psychology or other sciences. 

Your Energetic Blueprint

As DNA is your genetic blueprint, Human Design is your energetic blueprint. It is provided through ancient and modern sciences including eastern and western empirical and esoteric systems of knowledge. Those systems include astrology and astronomyI ChingKabbalahchakrasquantum physicsbiochemistry, and genetics.

In 1982, they were founded by a man named Ra Uru Hu who had a mystical experience over the course of 8 days where a voice came to him and gave him all of the information needed in the quest to understand humanity. Not going to lie, I was a bit taken back by that information, but who am I to judge?

In order to get a chart, you have to know your birth time as it's calculated down to the minute. When I saw my chart for the first time, I was instantly intrigued. I was hooked once I got a HD reading. In one hour, this woman told me things that no one else had been able to in years.

I also found out that there is also a design for mammals that aren't human. Since I consider my dogs my children, I yearned to establish a stronger connection to them by understanding them a little better.

So how did this get me into science? Well, HD states that it is not a belief system; it's an experiment based in science. Everyone is designed in their own unique way which involves a strategy on how to live your life and an authority that helps guide you in making decisions. If you follow the principles of your design and live by it, your life will truly be fulfilling and purposeful. Even if you don't want to do the work behind it, it still provides a person with a full understanding of the struggles in one's life and also the gifts and talents that one has.

Personally, I can't say it's not a belief system. It is not a religion by any means, but you still have to believe in the concept to experiment with it. Everything is based on a belief. You have to believe in the concept of money to make it and spend it. You have to believe that you love someone to commit to them. You have to believe in laws to follow them.

In terms of a science, it depends on how you define it. I have read articles from a few of the skeptics of HD stating that it's wrong to call it science. As a future scientist, I would say it's wrong not to. The word science is derived from the Latin word, scientia, which means "knowledge." HD definitely provides plenty of that. It's mostly based in psychology, which is a science, but Ra Uru Hu (who passed away in 2011) claimed there is also a connection to Human Design and genetics.

Allow me to break it down for you.

Astrology, Astronomy, Biochemistry, and Quantum Physics

The biggest component of HD is astrology. I am not referring to astrology as the horoscope you can get daily on an app. One skeptic wrote that HD has to be fake because astrology is fake. They did a test and found out that only 50% of 300 people that they had asked said they can relate to their sign. I literally LOL'd at that "study." I am a Leo and I am very proud of that (how Leo of me, I know), but I don't match a Leo 100%. I am also a Scorpio rising, a Gemini moon, my sun sits in the 8th house, and my Lilith is in the 12th house. Did I lose you there? Like I said, complicated.

There are also different types of astrology. There is tropical or Western, which the system HD is based on, Indian (aka sidereal or vedic), Chinese astrology, Horary astrology, and more. Each type has a specific focus and what it's "known" for. Within each of these types there are different systems that they use to determine houses and aspects. It is not a simple "one fits all" dynamic. It's no different than the specializations of psychology such as behavioral, genetic, evolutionary, clinical, cognitive, and more. In addition, within each of those there is a multitude of treatment methods that can be used.

Astrology was THE only science before modern science and some of the biggest names in history have favored it and a lot still do. In fact, Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, incorporated astrology in his practice and derived a lot of his theories based on principles of astrology.

HD doesn't follow all of the same principles of astrology, but it implements the basic ideas. I like to incorporate a more in-depth view of astrology when doing readings because I find it to be helpful in other ways.

I will say though, I don't know how astrology chose why or how each planet affects us, but it seems to line up. Either way, life was created by the universe – literally. Stardust can still be found in our bodies today. We know that the moon directly affects water. Humans are made up of 60% water and our blood is 92% water. To think that we are not affected by the universe is illogical. What would be the point of it then?

Speaking of the planets, HD states that the planets affect us based on neutrinos. Neutrinos are teeny tiny particles that float through the air. Our bodies interact with billions of them every day. When Ra Uru Hu first taught about HD in 1991, he made the claim that neutrinos held mass and this mass leaves an impact on our bodies, especially neutrinos from the sun. At that time, science stated neutrinos didn't have mass.

In 1998, it was discovered that in fact neutrinos do hold mass. Whether neutrinos affect us or not has not been studied yet because it's nearly impossible to study them. They do know that the output of neutrinos changes based on chemical reactions and well, our body is one big chemical reaction within itself. With the advancement in technology, the study of neutrinos is becoming more accessible so who knows what could come about. The point is that it hasn't been disproven and in science that means it's still possible.

Chakras, Kabbalah, and More Quantum Physics

In Hindu tradition, the body is made up of 7 main chakras, spinning energy focal points in our bodies, and each represents a different energy. These are the points that yoga usually incorporates and Reiki focuses on for healing. Ra Uru Hu claimed that he learned that the 7 system actually transformed into 9 when Uranus was discovered. He calls them centers and each has a significant role in behavior and health.

I am not going into the science of energy points in this blog. However, I want to point out that each of these centers relate to specific organs and just like the centers, each organ in our body has a significant role in behavior and health as well. In addition, each organ has specific cells that help produce the proteins needed for it to function. The organ and cells are pretty much little machines that run off energy. It's not that far off from the esoteric theories of our bodies don't you think?

In addition to energy points, every living thing possesses an aura or in the more scientific term, a biofield. This is an energy field that surrounds your body, extending outwards about 2 – 6 feet. Your aura is defined by your HD type in conjunction with HD's theory of the magnetic monopole.

A magnetic monopole is a magnet that has only one magnetic pole, it attracts, but doesn't repel. For a long time, magnetic monopoles were only a theory. It wasn't until 2019 that the existence of a magnetic monopole in nature was found in a material called spin ice. This magnetic monopole is the central point in HD, which is responsible for attracting certain people and events to us throughout our lives. It holds our bodies together. Part of our aura is how other energy reacts to you or how you draw energy to your magnetic monopole. Does one exist in our body as HD suggests? Well again, it hasn't been disproven so maybe. To be honest the mechanics of the body in regards to HD is just as theoretical as most science and how things work in our body.

Lastly in this section, the lines that connect the centers are called channels that represent the branches of the tree of life in Kabbalah. These channels are formed when 2 activated gates connect providing a source of circuit energy. They represent a theme that continues to show up in your life. Just like how blood flows through our veins, energy works in a similar way according to HD.

I Ching (Yijing), Genetics, and Epigenetics

The second major component in HD is the I Ching, which is related to the HD Gates. The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese oracle book based on eight symbolic trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams, interpreted in terms of the principles of yin and yang. It was written 5,000 years ago over the course of 2,000 years, making it one of the oldest books in the world.

What makes it so fascinating is that it replicates our genetic code (our DNA) since a time long before genetics was discovered by modern science in 1953. In your design, the Gates relate to the corresponding Hexagram in the I Ching system. Each Hexagram in I Ching relates to a specific codon of your 64 codons of DNA.

Each Gate has a unique energy to them that provide our potentials, intelligences, and resources much like our genes. This is also what the Gene Keys are based on, which is a more in-depth and modern version of the I Ching and separate modality, but provide more insight to each one.

Epigenetics play a role in the "design" side of HD, which relates to our body and unconscious side. Our design is given to us three months prior to our birthday or at the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy. Our "personality" is given to us on our day of birth, which relates to our mind and conscious side.

Energetic to Genetics

As I've mentioned a few times, HD is not simple. There are layers upon layers and some below the surface that most can't see in a chart. There are also connection charts and cycles that play a role. There are a lot of explanations in HD when it comes to personality disorders and autoimmune diseases that I find hold a lot of weight. Everything is about duality. You can see the shadows that one holds as well as their potential. For example, the charts of Mother Theresa and Ted Bundy are similar in some ways, but due to each one's upbringing, one lived their life to their full potential and the other lived in the shadows.

This is also in correlation with our genes. Our genetic makeup is influenced by our environment just as much as it is by our inheritance. Some of our genes can turn on and off simply by our thoughts. We inherit trauma from our ancestors that we may never experience ourselves. This can affect our health in a multitude of ways.

There are over 22,000 genes and millions of variants. Not one person is the same. Identical twins may share the same genetic blueprint, but they won't share the same variants. This is the same for HD.

The science behind HD is based on personal experimentation. Whether it can be proven that our genetics and energetic makeup is one of the same is yet to be known since no one has tested it, but I hope to do so one day. As I continue my studies in genetics and bioinformatics, I am getting my entire genome sequenced. I have already had 3 DNA tests done. Keep in mind though, ancestry and health tests such as 23andme do not actually sequence your genome. They perform genotyping, which is only .02% of your DNA.

My hope is that if I can find some correlation with my DNA and my energetic blueprint, whether that be with through HD, astrology, I Ching, or a new discovery all together. I would like to believe, and prove, that the cure for much of humanity's darkness lies within our light.

If you would like to discover your energetic blueprint, you can book your own reading with me here.

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