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Lessons of Charity is a blog and learning center with an emphasis on Human Design, Astrology, Psychology, personal experiences, and other sciences. It focuses on the grey area of humanity, spirituality, justice, and morality through current events, history, theories, facts, individual stories.

The intent is to provide the resources one needs to be a part of driving humanity forward into a new age—an Age of Compassion—to bring back faith, hope, and, of course, charity.

Human Design Courses

Interested in learning more about Human Design? Dive into my library of online courses on types, profiles, channels, gates, and more. Or book a reading with me if you want to know more about your Human Design or Mammalian Design for your pet.

Most People

In this lesson, I am getting real about who I am with a call to others who are unique to share their own stories, using the hashtag #notlikemostpeople, and want to do what’s right instead of what “most people” do.   I share what it’s like to be an ENFJ personality along with a Line […]

Know Thy Other

In this lesson, I share my personal life lessons on relationships, emotional abuse, abnormal behavior, complex trauma and complex PTSD with an emphasis in psychology, Human Design, and Astrology. My story underscores the complexity of human behavior, encouraging empathy, wisdom and an open mind when approaching relationships.

Awakening of the Wolves

When I first decided to launch Lessons of Charity, I thought I was ready to share what I had gone through in the last couple of years. I wanted to share what I experienced and what I learned as a way to guide humanity towards something better.

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Discover Your Human Design

Human Design

Human Design can help guide you in living out the life that you were designed to have. It can help you understand struggles or repeating patterns, why you think a certain way, get a handle on your emotional well-being, and help you understand why you connect with certain people. There are 7.9 billion people on this planet, but there is only one YOU.

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Hi, I'm Charity!

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Just a gal writing about the things I’ve learned and experienced in all aspects of life in hopes that it may help one person or the entire world.