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Human Design Courses

This is a library of self-paced Human Design courses that you can take at your leisure to get a full understanding of what Human Design is, how to experiment with it for yourself, and if you choose to do so, understand others by reading their charts. I will be adding more advanced courses as time goes on.

You can decide to sign up for the Masterclass, which will give you a full foundational understanding of the Human Design system that also includes some extra features. If you aren’t interested in learning the whole system, but want to understand your own chart, you can choose your specific type and profile and take the Gates and Circuitry courses separately.

Each course has an option to publicly post questions under the lessons that I will make sure to answer as soon as possible, or you can choose to private message me under your account profile. Once you have signed up for a course, your profile will be added to the menu for you access.

No matter what you decide, I am so excited that you have decided to join me on this journey in understanding how the body and energy works through Human Design.


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