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Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design provides a life blueprint from both your energetic nature and genetic nature through ancient and modern sciences. through ancient and modern sciences including eastern and western empirical and esoteric systems of knowledge. Those systems include astrology and astronomy, I Ching, Kabbalah, Chakras and quantum mechanics, biochemistry, and epigenetics.


It can help guide you in living out the life that you were designed to have. It can help you understand struggles or repeating patterns, why you think a certain way, get a handle on your emotional well-being, and help you understand why you connect with certain people.


Every living thing in this world has a genetic makeup and energetic blueprint. Just as humans energetically influence each other, humans also energetically influence animals as they do us. Mammalian Design is a great way to know and understand your furbaby and allow you to connect with them in a whole new way.


In an HD reading, there are core components to the system that are most important and what will be provided to you along with a little bit of extra “Charity.” I also implement a more in-depth system of the gates, called Gene Keys, astrology if I feel it’s needed, and some intuitive guidance from the universe itself.

Human Design Readings

Available readings are below. After booking, I will send you a pro version of your chart and the zoom link for appointment. If you would like to get a free chart, you can do so by going to geneticmatrix.com.


PLEASE NOTE: You must have your exact time of birth to receive your accurate design. If you don’t know it, it should be listed on your official birth certificate or you can contact the hospital of where you were born as they will have it on record. If these sources aren’t available, please reach out to me directly and I can check your birth date and see what changes on that day to determine if an accurate reading is possible.


If you are looking to learn about Human Design, check out my courses page!


Discover Your Human Design
Your energetic blueprint revealed from the foundation to in-depth insight to help guide you in living the best you were designed to have.

$298 | 2 HOURS
A Focused Session
Is there something that keeps recurring in your life and you are trying to understand why? Or maybe you are lacking purpose, stuck, or keep finding yourself in bad relationships? Human Design can help provide the answer to what you seek.

$148 | 1 HOUR
Purpose & Prosperity
re you unsure of your purpose or what you are meant to do in this life? Do you struggle bringing money in or trying to figure out how to grow your own business? Human Design maps out your purpose and the best ways for you to sell, market, and draw money in.

$148 | 1 HOUR
Understanding Life Cycle
Is your Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, or Chiron Return on the horizon or experiencing it now and don't know what to expect? All life cycles occur with a specific purpose to help you heal and grow into who you were meant to be. Human Design can help you navigate through each cycle and give you a clearer understanding on what to expect.

$148 | 1 HOUR
Relationship Connection Reading
Are you wondering how you connect with your partner? Are you dating someone new and want to see if where the relationship could have potential challenges? This will provide with the answers you need to get a full understanding of your relationship.

$148 | 1 HOUR
Get To Know Your Pet
Want to understand who your pet truly is? Allow me to show you their Mammalian Design. I can provide insight to why he or she does what he does and suggest ways for the best training based on their design.

$49 | 45 Min